Project Description

Master of Arts in Applied English Linguistics

Programme Outline
Aims and Objectives
Programme Structure
Mode of Course Delivery
Professional Recognition
Application and Admission

Students must successfully complete 60 credits as follows:

Course Code Course Title Credits
LANG A881F English Language Systems 1 10
LANG A882F English Language Systems 2 10
LANG A883F Current Issues in Applied Linguistics 10
LANG A884F Methods in Applied Linguistics 10

20 Credits from the following elective courses#:

Course Code Course Title Credits
LANG A885F Language, Culture and Society in Hong Kong 10
LANG A886F Lexis 5
LANG A887F Critical Discourse Analysis 5
LANG A888F Rhetoric and Stylistics 5
ENGL A890F Global Englishes 5
EDU E819 * Investigating Language in Action 20
# offered subject to the number of students enrolled
* a two-semester course offered in the distance- learning mode